Invescorp S.A

mining with the people.
mining for the people.

Our Company

Invescorp was established in 2011 and at this time was dedicated to buy and sell rough Diamonds and Gold from Africa.

Due to its success and vision of controlling its own market, in 2019 the company management team has decided to move into mining and constituted Invescorp S.A in Guinea.

Invescorp S.A Guinea is committed to fair, safe, ecological sound and social responsible mining, as well as to making a meaningful contribution to the development of the communities around its mines and the nation of Guinea.

Contributing significantly to the internal product of Guinea and being one of the largest private Guinean companies, Invescorp S.A is well aware of its social and ecological responsibilities in the country. This is why we developed a practical concept for the active implementation of measures which are meaningful and necessary for the country in order to combat degredation and its social and economic consequences.

Invescorp is feeling and acting by heart as a recognized part of the local community, following the needs and interests of the people. Being closely connected to the local communities, Invescorp makes a real difference in business ethics, taking care for its workers and partners on an extraordinary level, for the good of the country, its people, economy and nature. 

Our Place

Our Headquarters are based in Banankoro, in the heart of Guinée forestière (Forested Guinea), a forested mountainous region in southeastern Guinea.

Banankoro is a town and sub-prefecture in the Kérouané Prefecture in the Kankan Region of south-eastern Guinea. Guinea has large reserves of diamonds, with 30 to 40 million carats of proven reserves as well as 500 million carats of probable reserves. “Guinea has significant diamond reserves” – KPMG, Guinea Country Mining Guide. The deposits are mainly located in the Banankoro-Sefadou area – so we are here too. Guinea is an active member of the Kimberley Process, an international initiative of certification for rough diamonds designed to promote transparency in the sector.

Our Mines

Currently we run 3 alluvial mining operations in the Banankoro area:




Our Products

Currently focussing Diamonds, our mining company is unique in that it is one of the few primary Diamonds and Gold production and exploration companies in Guinea. We are concentrating on developing and exploring our own Gold and Diamonds properties in Guinea.

Serving all areas from fair, environmentally and socially sound mining on self-owned mining sites, Kimberley Process conform export and documentation, cutting, polishing, certification and fair trade direct sales, Invescorp offers the best possible transparency, quality, prices and product safety to its clients. Buy safe, buy direct.  

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