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Genius is in the idea. Impact, however, comes from action. Forcing things in a very practical manner, the Invescorp Renaturing Division is open for cooperation and meaningful help. Next to our degradation and desertifcation combating activities in Guinea, we also support our partners, such as the For Wildlife Trust from Johannesburg, South Africa, in a practical way. Others talk. We do. How about You?


Do You also think, the challenges we face should be actively and commonly overcome? Do You run a company, business or technology and are willing to make a difference?

We are open for new cooperations with appropriate partners for science, technology, responsible investments and many other business areas fitting the countries needs.
Just contact us!


Do You also think, nature should be protected, conserved and rebuilt? We do! This is why we support our team partners from the For Wildlife Trust by fundraising too. Sharing means caring, and we care ... You too?

We are thankfull for any donations to the For Wildlife Trust. Visit the For Wildlife Fund websites to get some impressions and help financially!

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