Who We Are?

Invescorp S.A

Invescorp was established in 2011 and was dedicated to buy and sell rough Diamonds and Gold from Africa.

Due to its success and vision of controlling its own market, in 2019 the company management team has decided to move into mining and constituted Invescorp S.A in Guinea.

Invescorp S.A Guinea is committed to fair, safe, ecological sound and social responsible mining, as well as to making a meaningful contribution to the development of the communities around its mines and the nation of Guinea.

Contributing significantly to the internal product of Guinea and being one of the largest private Guinean companies, Invescorp is well aware of its social and ecological responsibility in the country. In close cooperation with Consciousnet, which has been working alongside Invescorp for several years in an advisory, supportive and coordinating relationship on a friendly and trusting level, a practical concept was developed for the active implementation of measures which are meaningful and necessary for the country in order to combat degredation and its social and economic consequences.

Invescorp is feeling and acting by heart as a recognized part of the local community, following the needs and interests of the people. Being closely connected to the local communities, Invescorp makes a real difference in business ethics, taking care for its workers and partners on an extraordinary level, for the good of the country, its people, economy and nature. 

Invescorp Banankoro
Invescorp Banankoro

For Wildlife Trust

For Wildlife is a broad based conservation organisation set up in Johannesburg South Africa. It is specifically set up to aid ongoing initiatives which need extra help and aid wildlife conservation in the long term through land acquisition and management of conservation sensitive land under threat of human encroachment and habitation.

For Wildlife’s primary wildlife conservation objective is to grow and protect scientifically relevant and conservation sensitive wilderness spaces. For Wildlife will support and further enable ongoing conservation initiatives and specific programmes which have scientifically relevant conservation outcomes and show tangible impact.

The For Wildlife Trust is the managing and operative team of our group. Knowing Africa and being connected to reknown and long time experienced experts, they lead the practical field works.  

Consciousnet Consult Lda

The Consciousnet Consult Lda is a Portuguese company with strong expertise in forestry, agroforestry and agriculture, country development, project planning & management, new technologies, commodities and mining. Learning business administration “the hard way” by handling insolvent companies in Germany for decades, ethical disaster management became a mayor management competence. 

Holding a broad but eclectically selected international network of professional partners, Consciousnet is connecting people with projects, needs with competence, challenges with solutions. Cooperating closely with its network partners, the company built up trustfull relations and spin-offs, such as the For Wildlife Fund:

For Wildlife Fund is a collaborative, non-profit charitable initiative of the For Wildlife Trust South Africa and ConsciousNet Consult Lda. Portugal. 

The ConsciousNet Consult Lda. Portugal was appointed as official mandated fundraising agency by the For Wildlife Trust South Africa on April 3rd 2019.

Extraordinary Experiences

The broad but specialized spectrum of expertise deriving from our core team members comes along in perfect harmony with the goals and objectives of the Invescorp Renaturation Division:

Our core team comes from all sides of environmental, forestal, agroforestal and agricultural field work, science and research.

Having planned, developed and successfully managed various projects for ages, we gained excellent routine in daily challenges. 

Finding solutions for individual purposes and creating new methods and products, is a a fundamental pillar of our team core competence.

We know, that things are not easy. But we also know how to turn a difficult situation into success, with a calm mind and a well-defined strategy.

Being aware, that nobody can know or do everything alone, we built up an exclusive network of high level partners we love to work with.

Our Core Values

Understanding that the challenges we face worldwide today can not be won with what they arose from, we solve old problems with new ways of thinking, action and technologies: 

Economic leadership comes with responsibilities. Careless business practice for centuries has caused the problems we face now. We make a difference.

We rank protection, conservation and restoration of natural resources as essential for a peaceful and prosperous future among our top priorities.

Social growth and stability requires access to resources, education and food for all social groups in the community. We care for the people.

The principles of humanity, neutrality, impartiality and independence are fundamental to humanitarian action. They belong to our cornerstones of acting. 

For most current problems in our society, there are meaningful and practical solutions available. We bring them to the people.

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